National Asian/Pacific Islander Council,
an affiliated council of the American Association for Community Colleges (AACC)

Shouan Pan, NAPIC President

Greetings from Shouan Pan, NAPIC President

On behalf of the Board of Directors of National Asian/Pacific Islander Council (NAPIC), I welcome you to NAPIC’s website. NAPIC was formed in 2007 with the purpose of expanding access to quality education for Asian/Pacific Islander (API) students and growing the number of Asian/Pacific Islander leaders for American community and technical colleges. As an affiliate council of the American Association for Community College, NAPIC approaches this big and audacious goal by working in close partnership with our colleague councils, particularly NCBAA (National Council on Black American Affairs) and NCCHC (National Community Colleges Hispanic Council. We also tap into the talents, expertise, and resources among Asian/Pacific Islander trustees, faculty, administrators, and students in community colleges across the country. We are an open and inclusive Council and we welcome the participation and support of all partners.

NAPIC’s role, especially in times of shrinking resources and rising expectations for community colleges, is becoming increasingly relevant and urgent. We must help connect and advocate for resources to the diverse learning needs of API students and to promote the leadership development and pipeline of API faculty, staff, and administrators. We need more APIs who serve as community college’ trustees and senior leaders to reflect and represent our growing API population in community colleges.

NAPIC recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary milestone. With this proud achievement, we cast our eyes to the next decade. We will press forward to enlarge our membership and partnerships and to expand opportunities for connection, engagement, and professional development for API colleagues across the country. I am pleased to welcome and invite you to join in our pursuit of achieving our big, audacious goal!

Many thanks!
Shouan Pan, President, NAPIC

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